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All in One Digital Marketing Certification & Training Program in Cochin

Join our certified course in Search Engine Optimization and discover a whole new world of Internet!

BrainWerx Institute provides an all-in-one certificate in Digital Marketing, which you will earn after you successfully complete our 2-month course during which you will be guided through each and every step from initial analysis to campaign reporting. Hands-on training will be provided along with foundational theory sessions which will be handled by Industry experts.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

    • Chapter 1: What is digital marketing?
    • Chapter 2: How is it different from traditional marketing?
    • Chapter 3: ROI between digital and traditional marketing?
    • Chapter 4: How can digital marketing be a tool of success for companies?
  • Module 2: Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Keyword Research

    • Keyword research
    • Competitor analysis
    • Keywords analysis tools
    Chapter 2: On-Page Optimization Techniques

    • Website structure optimization
    • Title tag optimization
    • Content optimization
    • Image optimization
    • Meta tag creation & optimization
    • XML & HTML sitemap creation
    • Optimizing robots.txt files
    • RSS feed generation
    • Introduction to Google Analytics and Search Console
    Chapter 3: Off-Page Optimization Techniques
    • Local business listing
    • Directory submission
    • Blog commenting
    • Forum posting
    • Social bookmarking
    • Image sharing
    • Video sharing
    • Question & Answers
  • Module 3: Google Ads(PPC)

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Google Ads & paid advertising

    • What is paid advertising
    • Benefits of paid advertising
    • Overview of Google Ads
    • Account setup
    • Types of campaigns
    • Defining the objective of a campaign
    Chapter 2: Types of Google Ads

    • Google search ads
    • Google display ads
      • What is Display Ads
      • Objectives of Display Campaign
      • Audience Targeting Methods
      • Setting up a campaign
      • Remarketing campaign
    • Google Ads Video
      • Why video ads?
      • TrueView Ads
      • Bumper Ads
      • Building and placing the ads
      • Setting a Video Campaign
      • Tracking
    • Shopping Ads
      • What are shopping ads?
      • Creating a Merchant center account
      • Google merchant center
      • Optimizing campaigns for mobile
    Chapter 3: Mobile Marketing Campaign

    • Why Mobile marketing
    • Types of Mobile marketing campaigns
    • Creating a Universal app campaign
    • Bidding Strategies
    • Location & Budget settings
    • Ad Formats
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Reports
  • Module 4: Social Media Marketing

    Chapter 1: Introduction to creating a social media post

    • Social Media Posting Ideas
    • Leveraging hashtags & Trends
    • Utilizing different types of content
    Chapter 2: Social media platforms for marketing

    • Facebook Marketing
      • Building a Business brand over Facebook
      • Understanding and creating Facebook Groups and Communities
      • Engagement & building links using Facebook
      • Introduction to the Facebook page manager
    • Instagram Marketing
      • Creating a brand with the Instagram business account
      • Instagram Marketing Strategy
      • Optimizing Your Instagram Account
      • Storytelling using Instagram
    • LinkedIn Marketing
      • Establishing Connection with Linkedin
      • B2B Marketing & Lead Generation
      • Creating groups in Linkedin
      • Creating Events in Linkedin
    Chapter 3: Introduction to Paid Ads

    • Introduction to Paid Social Advertising
    • Types of Social media Ads
      • Photo & Video Ads
      • Carousel ads
      • Slideshow ads
      • Collection ads
      • Messenger ads
      • Ads in stories
    • Social Media Paid Advertising Strategy: The Basics


BrainWerx Institute’s All in One Digital Marketing Certification & Training Program will introduce you to the key digital marketing specialisms, from mobile and social media to email, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Whether you’re a complete beginner, business owner or marketer looking to upskill, our All in One digital marketing programme is perfect for you.


From social media marketing to search engine marketing, Our suite of certifications will transform you from amateur to Master in digital marketing and boost your skills that can be applied to any role to drive career success.

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