IM Institute is now BrainWerx! Whats new in 2022? Introducing evening batch and 10% discount for all Digital Marketing courses.

Our Expertise

Join our certified course in Search Engine Optimization and discover a whole new world of Internet!

Being in the industry for more than 12 years, the faculties of BrainWerx Institute have seen it all, and our expertise lies in this experience. This has allowed us to craft a well-thought-out syllabus for the students by which they will be ready to achieve the same level of experience. We follow a step by step approach in building the skills of students in both Digital Marketing and Web Development.

Our step-by-step approach emphasizes hands-on training by industry experts which we believe is going to take the perception of a student to a whole new level. We constantly update our own knowledge with the emergence of recent trends in Digital Marketing and Web Development, which allow us to make our curriculum evolve with time.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing industry is expanding tremendously, resulting in increased demand for Digital Marketing specialists. This is one of the reasons why Digital marketing has evolved to be the most sought-after career option among students.

Since 2007, we have been dealing with marketing strategies using digital devices and the Internet, monitoring its growth and evolution, especially in this decade. The faculties are dexterous in making use of all digital channels including search, email, social media and websites for successful marketing campaigns.

Web Development

Our developers can boast about a large number of brilliant client websites they have and have been managing over the years. We are proficient in web design, content development, CSS, network security configuration and more.

PHP and WordPress

We have a lot of avid programmers working round the clock in PHP, the most popular server-side language used to develop websites. Our in-house programmers are brilliant trainers too, which enable the students to learn from concept to execution.