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Advanced SEO Training Courses & Programs in Cochin

Join our certified course in Search Engine Optimization and discover a whole new world of Internet!

Once you learn every practice used in search engine optimization, the next step is to learn about the advanced SEO techniques that include high-level strategies like guest blogging, guestographics, awards bait, trademark techniques, etc.

  • Module 1: Introduction

    • Chapter 1: An Introduction to SEO
    • Chapter 2: Old School SEO Techniques
    • Chapter 3: What’s New in SEO?
  • Module 2: Link Prospects

    • Chapter 1: Who are Link Prospects?
    Chapter 2: Finding Link Prospects
    • Using Google Search
    • Chain Prospecting
    • Using Best of … Lists
    Assessment 1: Finding 100 Prospects
    Chapter 3: Finding a topic for Link Prospects
    • Link Prospect Topic Research
    • Topic from Resource Pages
    • Link Prospect’s Top Pages
    • YouTube Search
    Assessment 2: Finding Topics for different niches
  • Module 3: Content Frameworks

    • Chapter 1: Share Triggers
    Chapter 2: Content Frameworks
    • The Trademark Technique
    • Go-to Guidebook
    • Expanded List Post
    • Awards Bait
    • Infographic Framework
    • Crowdsourced Manual
    • Hero Formula
    Assessment 3: Finding Examples of Power Pages for each Framework
  • Module 4: Content Promotion

    Chapter 1: Advanced Content Promotion Techniques
    • F to S Technique
    • Evangelist Technique
    • Forum Marketing
    • Content Roadshow
    Assessment 4: Linkbuilding using each Technique
    Chapter 2: Content Curator Linkbuilding
    • Resource Page Linkbuilding
    • The Mount Rushmore Method
    • Broken Linkbuilding
    • Roundup Linkbuilding
    • Infographic Outreach
    Assessment 5: Linkbuilding using each Technique
  • Module 5: Optimizing Content

    Chapter 1: Advanced Optimization Techniques
    • CTR Magnet Method
    • Boost Dwell Time
    • W.A.G Technique
    Assessment 6: Working on a live Website


With every brand fighting to get to the top of Google, understanding the latest SEO ranking factors and optimization techniques are crucial. BrainWerx Institute’s Advanced SEO training course will help you understand topics like searcher intent, structured data, UX signals, content frameworks, advanced content promotion strategies, and a lot more.

Our trainers have years of experience creating search engine friendly sites and will teach you the actionable skills you need to satisfy users, rank highly on search engines and increase your traffic.


BrainWerx Institute’s Advanced SEO certification is designed to transform you into an industry-ready SEO professional from day one. Show off future employers and clients your in-depth knowledge of SEO with our advanced SEO certificate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the existing strengths of your website and see how to improve them.
  • Master advanced link building tactics
  • Collecting, measuring and managing SEO reporting.
  • The right SEO mix for your market.
  • Integrating social media into your SEO program.
  • Optimization for the web, video, shopping, etc.

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