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Learn Digital Marketing From Home

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There is no lockdown for creativity!

Why waste time sitting idle at your home during this lockdown period, when you can be a master in Internet marketing? Just spend an hour each day and you can get yourself a certification in SEO or Social Media. BrainWerx introduces Learn from Home Offer which enables you to attend live online sessions from Digital Marketing experts.

BrainWerx’s customized course on Search Engine Optimization which is specifically designed for online sessions will let you utilize your time and money with 100% efficiency and effectiveness.

Course Overview

  • One month online crash course on Basic SEO
  • Live tutorial sessions
  • Daily one hour training
  • Hands on experience with live projects

Course Syllabus – Learn Basic SEO From Home

Module 1: Introduction to SEO

  • Chapter 1: What are search engines?
  • Chapter 2: How does a business promote its services using Search Engines?
  • Chapter 3: What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • Chapter 4: Difference between SEO and PPC
  • Chapter 5: Onpage SEO
  • Chapter 6: Offpage SEO
  • Chapter 7: How search engines identify the website’s quality to rank?

Module 2: Keywords Research and Analysis

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Keyword Research
  • Chapter 2: Types of Keywords
  • Chapter 3: Keywords Analysis Tools

Module 3: On-Page SEO

  • Chapter 1: Onsite Optimization
  • Chapter 2: SEO Audit

Module 4: Off-Page SEO

  • Chapter 1: Link Building
  • Chapter 2: Reputation Building
  • Chapter 3: Local SEO

Mode of Operation

  • This will not be a course which consists of classes with recorded sessions.
  • The student will be introduced to the world of SEO and all the theoretical and practical basics along with a handful of essential online tools used in the field.
  • A dedicated instructor for the student to give live classes on the syllabus, who will give direct classes via live stream sessions.
  • Online tests for each of the modules.

Beyond Learn from Home

The student can extend his/her course after the online sessions by making full use of the infrastructure and hands on training at our institute in Kochi.

Here are the features of extending the course:

  • An additional 5th module on “Reports and Management in SEO”.
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Work on more live projects
  • Use of various paid tools used in SEO.
  • Placement assistance.

P.S.: This is an optional offer. The student can opt out after the online course if he/she does not wish an extension.

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